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Although we found visiting both Prague and Vienna enjoyable, our verdict is (well, this is only us talking): Once you visited the former, the latter (which is more metropolis) may pale in comparison when it comes to “The Vibe” that we mid-lifers are looking for.

While Paris and Vienna may have the museums and palaces, Prague was refreshing to first-time visitors like us. To this day, it successfully maintained its old charm- it wasn’t damaged in WWII, since Chamberlain handed it over to Hitler.

Vienna has a more metropolis vibe while in Prague, the buildings that we’ve seen are preserved structures. Our guide told us that the it is always the city’s objective to maintain its old charm.

Prague’s Old Town is much more authentic and is very manageable to go around.

It is for this same reason that we loved Amsterdam because of its preserved old charm, save for Rotterdam that Hitler bombed to force the Dutch to surrender.

(Imagine the very rich art and cultural heritage that would have gone to Wastelandia had he bombed Amsterdam.)

Prague & Budapest’s hotel rates and airbnb are visitors-friendly. We can’t believe that the two even has more inexpensive rates compared to our own PH. Vienna, of course, is another story.

If you’ll go to the side streets (we believe this was always the case in most our travels), you’ll find eateries that are authentic and yet light to the budget. As much as possible, we avoid the centers when looking for places to eat.

Both Prague & Vienna are ‘Uber-able,’ while Budapest is not. Having this app-based transpo service is always an advantage for us, midlife travelers, who want the convenience of going to farther itineraries without hurting the knee.

THESE PHOTO GALLERY IS OUR 1ST DAY IN VIENNA, when we joined “The Free Original Vienna Walking Tour.” It was about 2.5 hrs of leisurely stroll where we got to see some major Viennese landmarks, courtesy of our guide, Wolfgang.

He walked us through some strange myths and legends about the city, that included:

The Old City Hall. St. Rupert’s, the oldest church in Vienna. The old Jewish Quarter. Heroes Square. Ring Road. Parliament. Hofburg Imperial Palace. St. Stephen’s Cathedral. St. Michael Square. Sacher Hotel – famous for the Sacher Torte (Chocolate cake). The house where Mozart lived until his death. Church of St. Augustine. The Monument against war and Fascism.

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