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Journal Entry: April 9, 2019.

While I was making salad for lunch today, I asked Dutchie to open a jar of olives, a pasalubong from my best friend Kaye. By just pressing the lid with his palm, he did it in just under 5 seconds! Wow.

I used to think that opening a stuck lid of any jar is one of my mother’s superpowers. Concepcion taught me that by just lightly tapping a lid’s circular side with a cuchara or running it under hot water or heating it on open flame, it would release the air tight seal easily. I didn’t ask her how it works, I just know that those little gems make my life easier in the kitchen.

It takes me about 30 seconds to succeed in opening a jar using any of those methods. Now seeing Dutchie do it in under 5 seconds with just a single tap of his palm is way cooler!

I didn’t ask him, too, about the how-it-works. I just marvelled at mah man. But why is it so hard for men to be humble?! After his fantastic feat came the annoying question: “Did you ever have Science class in school? That’s why you study things, to know how they work.”

The monkey should have known better than to be sarcastic to me. (Hindi na nadalang maghanap ng sakit ng katawan. 😂)

<Buntung-hininga> I said: “Well, I didn’t really like Science class. But I know how to make this wonderful salad for you and Jet. I can never know how everything works, but my love is better than any superpowers in the world.”

Silence. Followed by a kiss from the president of Subic Sarcasm Society and a wide grin from my son.


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