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SHOPPING FOR KITCHEN AND DINING WARES. This is also one of #SecondWindTravelers | our many favorite things do when in Japan!

In Osaka, our airbnb apartment was 10-minute walk to the Nankai-Namba Station and in another 10 minutes you’ll reach the center, where you can barbecue-explore (tuhog-tuhog) the areas from Kurumon Ichiba Market, Dotonburi, Shinsibaishi, etc. (Thanks again to our crazy kids for booking all our apartments during this trip as birthday gift to me 😊.) So you can imagine how these proximities saved us lotsa yen from transport fares. Ansaya.

SENNICHIMAE DOGAYASUJI SHOTENGAI is a shopping street in Namba that is filled with shops dedicated to kitchen and dining wares. We only walked 15 minutes from our apartment to find it, as it is just a stone’s throw away from the Nankai-Namba Station.

Here, you can find everything, from smallest to biggest kitchen paraphernalia you need. Made in Japan, they are durable, and of course cheaper than when you buy it from home! Name it, they have it: from pots and pans, to knives and cutlery, to beautiful artisan whathaveyous.

Remember, since I am with Dutchie his words are like a broken recording in my ear: “We’ll buy only what we need, darling. Don’t you summon your wicked crazy-spending twin now!”

Alright, alright! 🙄😁🤭🤒🤐

Just the same, we were like kids in a candy shop! Although true to my promise, we only bought what we need and were happy for it! We found bowls (with matching wooden soup spoon) and a sake set that are of similar design to the kitchen ware/artworks that we collect, the works of Wiel’s friend, Dutch pottery artist, Frans van den Brink! We also found lemon squeezer (individual service) and tiny tongs! How cute they are! (I forgot to pickup the Tiger coffee thermos for 1 person that I was eyeing to grab before my trip to the cashier counter. 😕)

I was also eyeing one of those tiny Maneki-Neko lucky charm (the “beckoning cat”) but decided against grabbing it since Wiel would probably raise an eyebrow on me. You see, they have cute kitschy things, too! For this midlife travel duo, it was an eye fiesta to the max!

Here, let me share some of our finds:


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