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Paris isn’t only a city of lights, but of random kisses. We were pleasantly surprised by this pic. Good shot, Brod Larry Valino! It was amusing to see the expressions of our fellow passengers. Look at their eyes! We felt happy energy around us during the cruise. The lady beside me was Italian, the couple behind us were Arabs. The cruise of the River Seine should not missed by visitors of Paris. Try both day and night cruises and be rewarded by different kind of magic at different times!

BALLOON THOUGHTS. Oh, those mixed reactions. Awright, read our own balloon thoughts and examine your own reactions: If one views this pic and feels like saying~

1. ‘Ewe’ – Living a sad, pathetic life without love? (Or, the fuel to find love is absent.)

2. ‘Anubayan’! (“What is that!“) – Dissatisfied current situation and is wanting more?

3. “Goodluck with that” – Cynical about finding love or lacks the energy, or has become jaded by previous experiences?

4. “That inspires me” – Ready to find love?

5. “How wonderful!” – Feeling fulfilled with the love he or she has (with self or with a partner).

So, what are you thinking– Are you Number 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5?

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