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In any city we visit, you’ll always find us #SecondWindTravelers trying local cuisine at the public market! It doesn’t get any fresher than this, and more authentic, too!

LET US WARN YOU ABOUT OSAKA’S KURUMON MARKET, HOWEVER. Last time we visited Osaka in 2014, we lived in a hotel close by so we kinda ate our early lunches there before we set off to our day’s itinerary. Because compared to restaurant menu and prices, it’s the freshest you can ever get, and the cheapest! It’s similar to the Filipino “Ituro Mo, Iluto Ko” (You Choose, I Cook”) concept.

And that is why we chose our airbnb to be close to this market. Imagine, 5-minute walk to there; and another 10 minutes to Namba Station.

But nowadays, Kurumon Market has become a very touristy place, thanks to Internet promotions. We noticed only tourists eating there since the locals will cook what they shopped at home. So the prices have become somewhat ridiculous!

Don’t let this stop you from experiencing Kurumon Market, though. Our best advise would be to go there and choose your freshest sashimi, sushi or Chirashi (sashimi-topped rice), like what we did— for a starter dish. Then we walked to nearby Dotomburi, wandered around, ate giant takoyaki balls with beer for our 2nd round of eats. More stroll around the district and when we felt hungry, went to a side-street noodle restaurant for authentic Nippon ramen as our main. (With emphasis on “side-street” because for sure, prices will be less inexpensive if you move away from the center.)

Remember, you cannot go wrong eating anywhere in Osaka (just avoid too much fried food, midlifers!) because true to what it is known for, it is one of the big kitchens of Japan.

Let your mouths, your nostrils, and your eyes feast!

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