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EVERYTHING THAT’S BEEN HAPPENING IN THE WORLD TODAY IS PREPARING US FOR THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE AND I THINK WE’LL BE OKAY. Last night after the kids left us at the dinner table, I told Dutchie: “I never thought I would live to see this day where people all over the world will share a common scare and health threat of this magnitude.”

He said with his signature big, wide boyish grin: “But you’ve been through many worse things already— floodings, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and ex-husbands. What can be worse than ex-husbands?”

Laughter. His joke is sweeter than our dessert. My current husband (I bet he does not like the title 😂) is working hard to keep the title “husband forever.” Well yeah, he can stay 😂. This is the buddy I can count on in all seasons; whether in a Zombie Apocalypse drill, or in real-life.

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