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Journal entry from our #LisbonDiaries, September 4, 2017

Exiting the Belem Cultural Center, we walked to the main road facing the Tagus River and went to the left to look for the underground walkway that would take us to the other side. (That was where we encountered the working chihuahua.)

You can’t cross the street because of the fenced rail tracks. You’ll find the underground walkway just opposite the (3) PADRÃO DOS DESCOBRIMENTOS or the MONUMENT TO THE DISCOVERIES.

Sandwiched between the Jerónimo Monastery on the other side and this Monument in this side is the (4) COMPASS ROSE AND MAPPA MUNDI, “a gift from the Republic of South Africa,” artworks on the ground created from beige, black and red limestone. Thay may only be viewed perfectly from above.

We started our walking tour from this point and took it really free and easy. We passed activities and events at the promenade: musicians, tour companies selling packages (both land and river), unimotorcycles, bicycles, Tuk-tuk rides, cute stalls selling cocktails, port, wine, capirainha, your poison of choice.

We reached the (5) TORRE DE BELEM or BELEM TOWER in no time. If we did straight up walking, we would have been there in less than 10 minutes.

After a few photo-taking, we got hungry and looked for a place to eat. There were so many restaurants by the river. However, most of them were selling drinks and there were less choices on the menu- mostly hamburger pa. So we picked the serve-yourself (6) VELA LATINA, a stone’s throw away from the river. It has a fantastic garden dining area. We ordered beef steak combo and torched tuna and potatoes combo, which weren’t so bad because of the half liter rosé. 😉

As I have said in Part One, we missed the (7) botanical gardens just behind the Jerónimo Monastery, the (8) River Tagus boat tour, the (9) uni-motorbike or Tuk-tuk could be good, too, and visiting (10) Museu de Arte Popular. (There were too many museums all in one square and you cannot possibly do them all in one day. So we chose the best which is the Berardo Museum.)

If you are following the numbered suggestions that started in previous post til here, that’s 10 Things to Do in Belem, Lisboa, for us, #SecondWindTravelers. I won’t go through describing them all, they are google-able, anyway.