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EVERYTHING AL FRESCO EVENING DRINKS WITH OUR NEIGHBOR ON A SATURDAY NIGHT @ our home (we call) #CafebytheForest. Rest assured we strictly observed Social Distancing and here’s how we did it, without spoiling the fun:

Self-incarceration does not mean we cannot enjoy the things we used to do when times are normal. As Italians sing to spread love and positivity from their balconies (including a tenor who sings “Nessun Dorma” beautifully), we had evening drinks cum current events chat last night with our neighbor, Cherylle, ‘oberdabakod.’ (Her Boboy was working their farms to make sure the chicken supply chain that feeds Filipinos in Luzon won’t meet shortage.)

We dressed like we were going out for dinner, took our tables out and set them up separately in between our Sampaguita fence. Our pocket gardens looked lovely this cool evening— scented candles, flowers from the garden, cobalt-blue glasses, spotlight on the bougainvillea vines, wine and sweet potato fritters mixed with malunggay flowers that Dutchie harvested the previous day, which I fried in olive oil. Yes, yan lang ang dinner namin. Making sure we will have enough in the next two weeks until our next market run. 😂

And if the world would end tomorrow, we have no regrets that one of the last things we did was to live life fully this day, this very special day— that we can still breathe, hear, smell, see and taste, the sweetness of life. We are truly very, very grateful.


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