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Journal entry. January 8, 2020.

10 YEARS TOGETHER, MARRIED 6 YEARS. Since January 8th, 2010, we’ve been spending life together. Four years after that, on January 8, 2014– at the quaint and lovely El Kabayo Stables, our dear friends read selected love letters that we wrote to each other to remember how we came together as Wiel and Jen. That was how we wed, under an old acacia tree, surrounded by the love of our family and friends.

This morning, I woke up to his sweet greeting: “On this day I found you.” Still sleepy, I said, “Yeah, you lucky bastard.”

Dutchie ignored me. He said: “We made it!” Me: “You mean, YOU made it! I let you live through all these years.” Imagine me being married to the president of Subic Sarcasm Society! And he, married to (whatever you may call) me. Hahahahaha.

Life has always been good to Wiel & I from the first day we shared our lives together. We are excited to welcome the next chapter! Thanks to all the people who gave us love and support, we are truly grateful! 10 years, and we are going for more.


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