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Watch rowing teams practice @ the Royal Dutch Rowing Federation (Dutch: Koninklijke Nederlandse Roeibond, aka KNRB) @ Bosbaan, Amstelveen, just by the exit of the Amsterdamse Bos (Amsterdam Forest) Ampitheater. It is the oldest artificial rowing course in the world(!)

Dutchie & I would walk the whole 2.2 kilometer stretch, in addition to maybe 4-5 kilometers from the forest’s main entrance. My stepdaughter, Francis’ apartment and the apartment we rent when visiting Amsterdam are both 10 minutes walk to Amsterdamse Bos’ entrance.

The Museumplein, where all of Amsterdam’s major museums are located, is 20 minutes away by bus, and 30 by bicycling. Factor these when loking for airbnb apartments in this city.


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